There are a limited number of lockers and boxes available in 246 for personal project storage. These are available on a semesterly basis for a nominal fee. Email us if you would like one.

Personal storage policy

This policy is official and supersedes any previous versions.

All holders of Supernode storage must agree to this policy.

(Revised May 9, 2016.)

  1. The storage of personal (or group) belongings outside of lockers or the boxes is not permitted.
    Anything left out overnight becomes Free Parts and may be taken or used by anybody.
  2. The fee for a locker is $20 per semester, and $5 per semester for a box. Current UC Berkeley students and affiliates only, limit one per person.
  3. It is your responsibility to maintain a working email address with us at all times that you hold a locker or box, including if applicable after your graduation.
  4. You must promptly return your key (in the case of a locker) and empty your storage if you are no longer using it, or, especially, before graduating.
  5. Storage assignments are reviewed at the beginning of every semester.
    We may empty and re-assign your storage on 5 business days notice (by email) if we do not receive confirmation that you still want it. (If your email bounces, we may do this immediately.)
    The contents of abandoned storage becomes Free Parts.

This policy may change.

The penalty for failing to abide by this policy shall be Public Shaming.

Student groups

Student groups working on collaborative projects that frequently make use of the space can use lockers S1–4 and Cabinet 1 on a shared basis.