Supernode is a student-run space, and all our equipment will always be free to use to anybody in the UC Berkeley community. The door is open whenever a member is inside (which is a lot of the time!).

Access and Membership

Where is Supernode? Supernode is located in 246 Cory Hall, the Chenming Hu Innovation Lab.

When is the lab open? Supernode is open to all members of the UC Berkeley community whenever a lab member is in the space. Cory Hall is open to the public between 8 AM and 6 PM on weekdays and non-holidays. Lab members have key card access and can use Supernode 24/7.

How do I become a lab member?

  1. Enroll in the Supernode bCourses Course.

  2. Follow the follow the steps to become a lab member.

  3. Attend in-person safety training.

Student groups If your student group is interested in regularly using this space or requires storage please contact us.


If you are interested in getting a locker or a box, please email the list. Space is limited. Assignments are on a semesterly basis. The full policy is here.

Cory Student Workshop

The Cory Student Workshop is a 24/7-access basic machine shop associated with Supernode for working on mechanical projects. The Workshop has many power and hand tools available for your use. Separate training from the EECS department is required, see CSW website.

Amateur Radio

Supernode is closely associated with both the W6BB and NU6XB UC Berkeley amateur radio clubs. Join the mailing list ( and fill out this form to get access to 532 Cory, the fifth-floor NU6XB station (requires amateur radio license).

Other spaces

Some spaces on campus with similar equipment and capabilities are:

  • Jacobs Hall: a fully-staffed space run by the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, a division of the College of Engineering. The purchase of a Maker Pass gives a semester of access to hobby and industrial 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, metalworking, an electronics lab, and material store.

  • Invention Lab: located in Sutardja Dai Hall and run by CITRIS, included with a Maker Pass.

  • b.makerspace: a student-run space located in the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, home to the campus design and 3D printing clubs.